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When most people think of the abortion debate, they forget that it’s an issue that’s been on the table for as long as human history, not just since Roe vs. Wade. Before abortion became legal and safe surgical procedures came into common practice, women used many home methods of inducing abortion. Most of these amateur methods were dangerous. However, there is a way to herbally induce abortion that has been used since Ancient times. The herbal method of abortion is not as safe as approved medical procedures; however, it is important that this method is propagated to those who are not able to access medical/surgical abortions are aware that there is a way that is considerably less dangerous than the well-known wire hanger method. I originally found this method on Angry for a Reason, and although I can’t attest to its effectiveness from personal experience, many others can. Here’s how to do it:

I have used this to positive results 3 times. Given the lack of access to bc and abortion in much of the US I would like to share this with all of you. Copy it, pass it around, send it to your friends. It is cheap and accessible to all. Obviously if there are any health problems or adverse side effects contact a doctor. My friends and I have used this with very little complications, but I just want to put that disclaimer out there as all bodies are different and yours may react differently then ours. Feel free to ask a natropath/herbalist/physician/gynaecologist.

It can only be used up to 3 weeks after a missed period, but the sooner the better. I’ve done it within the first week of missing my period and it’s always brought it back for me. The best time to start it is on the 1st or second day of the missed period.

You will need:
Fresh parsley (preferably organic…I don’t want pesticides in my vagina, so I go organic)
500 mg pills/capsules of Vitamin C (Try not to get pills with Bioflavonoids such as Rose Hips. These PREVENT miscarriage.)

The treatment can last 3 days: DO NOT EXCEED 3 DAYS!! This will work or not within 2/3 days.

1. Insert a fresh sprig of parsley as far as possible into the vagina. (parsley induces contractions, yum) Change every 12 hours. When soft, it may be difficult to remove, but this is not dangerous.

2. At the same time, drink parsley infusions. 2 to 6 tablespoons 4 times a day.

Making an infusion: use 2 1/2 cups of boiling water for every ounce of parsley (If you buy it at the store, minus 2/3 stems (for sprigs) this should be the amount of water used to make the tincture). Add parsley to boiling water, remove from heat and cover. Very important that you remove from heat IMMEDIATELY upon adding the parsley. Boiling the water with the parsley in there will make the infusion less effective. Let it steep for at least 20 minutes (the longer it steeps, the more potent it will be. I usually let it steep for 2 hours.

3. During the 3 days (or until your period starts) take high doses of Vitamin C orally. Ideally, take 500 mg every hour up to 6000 mg. You can continue using the Vitamin C for up to 6 days. Vitamin C can bring on menstruation even 3 weeks after a “late” period. you can begin taking Vitamin C immediately after unsafe sex, or if the condom broke, etc.

If successful you should start to bleed in 2 to 3 days.
-You may have cramps (I get ’em bad after doing this) and you can take whatever you usually take for cramps or make a ginger infusion and take that.
-The chances of success are less if you regularly take high doses of Vitamin C
-High amounts of Vitmain C can cause loose stools. No one I know has experienced this, but is has been known to happen.
-Do not use if you have kidney problems.
-Watch for signs of Toxicity Specific to Parsley: Nausea, hallucinations, vomiting, vertigo, hives, paralysis, liver swollen and
painful, urine scanty and darkly colored, and tremors.

I’ve often noticed that on the second night I start emanating heat. Seriously I feel like a space heater. This is ok, it’s just a side effect of the high doses of Vit. C and to me signifies that it worked and I will get my period soon (generally that night/next morning)


For more information, please see Angry for a Reason.


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As women, throughout our lives we are taught to be prisoner to the womb. Growing up, we are discouraged from having sex and are taught that we can become pregnant at any time. As a result, women are raised to fear their fertility, and live in ignorance of the most basic form of birth control–knowing your cycle, or “the calendar method.”

The calendar method of birth control isn’t so much a technique as it is simply the knowledge of when and how you can conceive. Almost all women’s cycles are twenty eight days long. The first day of one’s cycle is the day your get your period. The day you are ovulating is day 14, two weeks after the day your period starts–give or take a day. The average lifespan of sperm is 4 days, so it is possible to conceive even if you don’t have sex on the day you’re ovulating. This chart illustrates the average ovulation cycle:

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Here are some important things to remember in relation to knowing your cycle:

  1. Pulling out is roughly 75% effective. There is no sperm in pre-ejaculate unless the male hasn’t urinated since his last ejaculation. That means if you’re up for round two, make sure your lover takes a bathroom break. It does not protect against any STI’s. It is the oldest form of birth control but perfect use is difficult; therefore, it is not a reliable form of birth control. However, it is considerably better than nothing.
  2. It takes three days for a fertilized egg to implant. Plan B — emergency contraceptive or the morning after pill — is 89% effective when taken within the first 72 hours of fertilization. The effectiveness drops by 25% every day afterwards, so it is important that you take it as soon as possible if you believe you are pregnant.
  3. Your cycle can often become irregular due to outside factors–stress, changes in exercise/diet, drugs (recreational and prescribed), etc. Antibiotics can hinder the effectiveness of the birth control pill. Spotting (vaginal bleeding on days when you’re not getting your period) is an indicator that your cycle has come off kilter. Ultimately, the day your ovulation may not always be two weeks after you get your period, so always use a method of birth control.

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